Since the founding of "Broutzotexniki" in 1975, couples from all over Greece have trusted the comfort and design of their beds to Apostolos Eskitzis whether for the first bed they buy as a couple, or for a replacement of their first bed where they can honour and treasure their long-lasting relationship together, Greeks choose Apostolos Eskitzis exclusively handmade pieces of art in bronze and iron.

Responding to the wishes and suggestions of his clients, in 2000, Apostolos Eskitzis combined the romanticism and status of bronze with the stability and modernism of solid iron to create contemporary stylish beds, night-stands, and tables, priced at what couples in our country can actually afford. Since the name "Broutzotexniki" suggests only the use of Bronze and, therefore, did not illustrate the new technique anymore, in 2000, "Dream Beds" was adopted as the new name of the company to demonstrate the company’s creative adaptation to market change.

Now days, you can find "Dream Beds" handmade iron beds decorating not only apartments and houses in Greece and abroad, but also, hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

As you browse this website, imagine Apostolos Eskitzis art work decorating your own house and you will realize that these pieces of work are created especially for you.